Used Equipment Auction

As LIS collects used equipment that has served its purpose at Luther, it will be sold on the online auction. Items sold through the online auction may not be reused on campus. View currently available items in the catalog in the right-hand column.

To place a bid, you must first log in or register.

Winning bidders will receive an email with details on completing the transaction.

General Rules:
LIS will sell used computer equipment each week until our supply is depleted. If hardware purchased for more than $10.00 becomes defective within 30 days of purchase or the buyer is unsatisfied for any reason, the hardware may be returned for a full refund. Purchases for $10.00 or less have no warranty period. LIS is not responsible for set-up and/or repair of the items or any parts thereof.

Bidding begins when an item is posted and ends when the designated time expires. (This is a change – in the past all bidding started on Monday and ended on Friday morning.) LIS will establish a starting price for each item and has the right to reject any and/or all bids.

Purchased items are paid for and picked up in Preus Library 221 and a disclaimer is signed at that time. Personal checks and cash are accepted; credit cards are not. Buyers should call 563-387-1406 to make arrangements for pickup.

LIS reserves the right to change our procedures over time.